Sadly, many of our usual Christmas services and traditions won’t be going ahead this year due to the ongoing pandemic. However, instead of focusing on what we can’t do, we are thinking about what we can do this Christmas!

Our vision is to organise a benefice wide event which will tell the Nativity story in each of our beautiful villages. Households will be able to follow a story map and spot different elements of the Nativity story in windows and gardens as they wander around. We hope that the event will run from Friday 18th to 25th December and so families can take part at a time to suit over this week and visit as many of the villages as they fancy!

For this to happen, we need your help! Do you have a window that can easily be spotted from the street or a front garden? If yes, there are 2 ways you could help – 1) Get creative and design your own display to tell an individual part of the story (please see list below for all the parts needed) or 2) Perhaps you would like to be involved but not feeling creative? No problem – we can provide everything needed and you just provide the window or garden space for the display.

Here are a few examples of the kind of displays we are envisaging –

The story map will be available to either download and print out at home or printed copies will be available to collect in advance.

Displays needed

Ideally, we will have the following displays in each of our villages (Great Ouseburn, Green Hammerton, Little Ouseburn, Marton cum Grafton and Whixley to include Whixley Gate)

  1. MARY AND THE ANGEL The angel comes to Mary
  2. JOSEPH AND THE ANGEL The angel tells Joseph good news
  3. ON THE DONKEY The journey to Bethlehem
  4. ANIMALS IN THE INN The birth of Jesus
  5. THE STAR The shepherds follow the star
  6. THE WISE MEN The wise men bring gifts
  7. THE CRIB SCENE The crib scene
  8. FLIGHT INTO EGYPT Mary and Joseph become refugees

If you would like to be involved, or have any ideas for the event, then please contact your respective village representatives below –

Great Ouseburn – Jodi Carass and Emily Barnsdale

Green Hammerton – Annabelle Polito (

Little Ouseburn – Sarah Lees (

Marton cum Grafton – Louise Heap and Lisa Moore

Whixley to include Whixley Gate – Barry Atkinson (Whixley), Helen Sargent (Whixley) and Helen Gardner (Whixley Gate)