Last Updated on 23rd February 2020 by Ian

Our village has a Facebook Group for the village called “Whixley Village”. If you are on Facebook and would like to become a member of the group, search on Facebook for Whixley Village, select the Groups tab and request membership. You will then be able to post messages to others in the Group. (see screenshot below). Please spread the word about this group, invite your friends to join, and help improve communications around our village. 

Whixley Village Hall has a Facebook page. Whenever an item is posted on this website, a link to that post is posted on the FaceBook page. Only Page Administrators can post on a FaceBook page as its use is primarily as a shop window for a business or facility. People who visit the Page and leave a message are able to communicate in that way with the Page Admins, but not with the general public. Please take a moment to search on Facebook for Whixley Village Hall and then click on Follow so that posts to this page will appear on your own Facebook timeline. 

Note that our neighbouring village of Great Ouseburn has used this type of facility very successfully for several years.

Membership of the group is available to everyone who has an interest in our village. Members should not use the Group to post any personal information, and any posts of a personal nature, or which use inappropriate or abusive language, will be removed.