Last Updated on 21st April 2023 by Ian

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The village phone box has now been renovated and converted into the Whixley Village Swap Box. The top shelf is for games, the bottom shelf is for children’s books. The orange box is for jigsaws and the rest of the shelves are for general books, non-fiction and fiction. We will be arranging some signage and it’s good to see the enthusiastic villagers are making use of it already.

If the phone box is full and there is no more room, then the donations should not be left but taken and given to charity or post them on Facebook.

A big thank you to Whixley Parish Council for saving the phone box, as it was due to be removed by BT.

A huge thank you to Andrew Voakes who spent his spare time renovating it to its former glory so it can be put to good use for the whole village to enjoy. It also means we’ve kept a traditional landmark in our village for posterity that would otherwise have been lost forever.

Thank you Whixley,

Louise Voakes

Before and After Photos