Last Updated on 4th February 2024 by Ian

It’s that time of year again! It’s Pantomime season!!!
(Oh no it isn’t!)

Well, it is for the Whixley Players, who once again have been treading the boards at the Village Hall this week in their production of Little Red Riding Hood, written by the hard working Lynsey Farnworth.

Now, for those of you who have never been to watch the Whixley Pantomime before, it is unlike any pantomime you may have seen prior.

I mean that in the most sincere way, because the Whixley Players put the ‘community’ into community theatre, and its heart, its warmth and its talent exudes in every line, in every step and every actor who has the confidence to stand up on that stage and create magic for their fellow neighbours. For that, I am proud to be a firm supporter.

Once again, any local who wanted to be in the pantomime could be, and it was glitter-bombed with horrible henchmen, wise (beautiful) witches, talented trees, moustached wolves, terrific toadstools, dazzling dames and a whole host of other characters that came to life in our beautiful village hall.

I’m still not entirely sure how all these character’s came to find themselves in the same story (I don’t think they knew either!) but it made for a very entertaining few hours, with some hilarious early entrances, the usual missed lines and an audience unsure wether to boo and hiss the suited baddie wolf, or ‘wolf’ whistle him (see what I did there?) there were some fantastic performances, some big laughs, and was also lovely to see some exciting talent from the youngest members of the cast.

The hearty cheers proved that the audience were enjoying every moment and with the cast all the way.

The set design, i must say, was unbelievably brilliant. What a talented team who created a magical world for the whixley cast to play in. Hats off to John Alderson, Tim and Lucy for what is a triumph. All that hard work paid off in spades. All the incredible backstage team did a brilliant job of keeping the production going (often foregoing their applause, but equally important)

Some stand out performances were Louise Farmer as the terrific dame who does a sterling job of carrying the story through, Adam Brown as a truly dazzling Wolf and Jasmine Aimes-King’s stage presence was magical.

The duet of ‘bring me sunshine’ was excellent plus at one point I thought Tina Turner had arrived in Whixley (it may also have been the second glass of red wine)

How can i not mention the incredible Whixley Tappers who took part and performed a 60’s themed ‘Frug’ tap dance dressed as woodland fairies and a toadstool.

If that doesn’t get you to the final performances. I don’t know what will!

Congratulations on a truly wonderful Pantomime, an event that continues to bring a community together, embracing and championing our differences, and enjoying the fact we all have something in common, the joy of laughter!

Damien xx