The Whixley Village Hall committee has created a local lottery as part of its efforts to raise much-needed funds for the Village Hall. The lottery will operate as follows:

  • Members of the public, mainly but not exclusively Whixley residents, are invited to purchase a number or numbers, initially between 1 and 200, but with the capacity for more should demand be great enough.
  • Each month a number will be drawn out of the “hat” in order to find a winner and a runner-up who will each be awarded a prize, calculated as a proportion of the prize pot.
  • The draw will run each month from October to July (10 months) with a break in August and September.
  • Numbers cost £2 per month and will be typically purchased prior to the first draw on October 31st for the whole 10-month period. i.e. £20 buys a number for 10 draws.
  • When the draw takes place all purchased numbers will be put into the “hat” and a random draw made using numbered balls. 25% of the stake money for the month will be paid to the winner, and 15% to the runner-up. Thus if 200 numbers are sold the winner will receive £100 and the runner-up, £60.
  • If a member joins the lottery after October then he/she will only pay for the remaining months to the following July. e.g. a joiner in December would pay for 8 months (£16).
  • Should more members than 200 wish to join the lottery then the scheme will be expanded to accommodate the larger number and the prize pot will be proportionately larger.
  • The numbers available for sale, and sold, are available for view on the village website. The winning numbers from prior draws will also be published on the website.
  • Numbers may be purchased online via the village online shop. Sales open on 1st August and remain open until December 31st
  • All numbers sold will expire on August 1st each year, and members will have 30 days in which to re-buy their number(s) for the following year. Any numbers not re-bought by September 1st will be available for sale to new members for the following year.

Whixley Village Hall, Registered Charity: 523992