Do you recognise any of the ladies appearing alongside the picture of our late Queen on the front cover of a distinguished Heritage magazine (click the picture for a closer view)?

They are, of course, our own Enid Fisher and Rev Joan Roper who have recently hit the headlines in the NCT News, as well as in the national weekly Church Times. They were both on duty in church for the nationwide Heritage Open Day, to welcome visitors from far and wide, held last September. (Obviously, it takes a while for fame to be truly recognised!)

The National Churches Trust, an independent charitable foundation, supports heritage projects across all denominations, chapels and meeting-houses, in matters associated with the preservation and sustainability of historic buildings, and the conservation and development of skills in restoring heritage buildings of local and national importance.

We hope NCT will be responsive to our own “Jubiloo” project, once we have submitted our application for a grant, and have met all their required conditions of supplying a proven and sustainable maintenance plan, and have reached their required percentage level of funding. Then we shall be able to submit our Community Project application in anticipation of gaining a helping- hand towards achieving our final QE2 Commemoration goal.

Meanwhile we need to continue to raise the profile of our project and invite more members of our community to consider pledging their individual support. If you would like a member of the Project team to discuss the project with you, please ring Barry Atkinson on 01423 331419 or Enid Fisher on 01423 331031 for details of how you can help us reach the 50% mark required by the National Churches Trust, so that we shall be in an advantageous position to qualify for their potentially generous financial support.