How does being given £200,000 to invest in the stock market sound?  Well that is what to expect at the forthcoming Stockbroker Evening starting at 7:30 pm on Friday the 19th March in aid of the churches of Whixley and Green Hammerton. To participate you will need to log on to a Zoom meeting with the event being suitable for individuals or preferably groups of up to 6 people.

The object is to see how much you can make that £200,000 grow, rather than diminish, over 10 changes in a volatile market, to the accompaniment of an amusing script.  No previous investment knowledge is required.  The participant(s) showing the largest gain will be awarded the accolade of being the local investment expert as well as receiving a fun prize.

While the £200,000 is virtual, the entry fee of £5 per person is actual (with concessions available) and details of how to pay are given below. Participants are asked to provide the following information to the Chairman of the exchange, George Rowden, at and will then receive the simple rules and documentation for what is planned to be a fun evening.  So come along, what have you got to lose, apart from the £200,000!

Information required for each participant – Name and name of other team members

The following methods are available to buy a ticket: