The current restrictions on church services are unlikely to be relaxed much by Christmas, putting at risk the popular Crib services in our Benefice churches.  An alternative, interactive, Zoom-based service is therefore being planned to take place at 4pm on Sunday 20th December. The service will be based around a narrative of the events of the Nativity, the script for this being presented in 12 separate sections.  It is intended that each section will be narrated by one or more members of participating families.  This is part of the interactive nature of the service, with the other interaction being the building up of a crib scene by each participating family in their own home as the story unfolds.

We also are planning to have some traditional Christmas Carols to sing along to during the service.  Details of how to access Zoom will be made available a day or two before the service, so if you and your family want to participate, it will be necessary for you to provide your email address to as you confirm your intention to attend.  Your email information will be subject to the church’s Data Privacy Policy, details of which can be requested from our Vicar, Reverend Sarah, email address  Requests to be the narrator of one of the sections of the narrative should be sent to who will be organising this part of the service.  Providing the background, stable, manger, animals, Star of Bethlehem etc and principal characters of the Nativity can be a project for the children in the days prior to the service either free style, or making use of resources on the internet.  Some links to useful websites are given below, ranging from free and simple to more complex and costlier.

The team organising this Virtual Crib service look forward to receiving your expressions of intent and interest in narration, for what we feel sure will be a joyful occasion, as we celebrate together the events of the first Christmas.