Tate Oil have offered the group of 6 villages in our syndicate (West of Ouse Oil syndicate) a new arrangement which we have accepted. The large Helperby & Brafferton cooperative to the east of the River Ouse has already successfully moved to this arrangement. Members of the co-operative may order oil at a very favourable price via Tates Oil.

How the Co-operative Operates

  • Residents should call Tate Oil on 01943 854888 and register as a member of the West Of Ouse oil syndicate.
  • All members already registered with the Coop will be contacted by Tate and offered a LOGON and can agree a personal secure PASSWORD on Tate’s website.
  • Members can order at any time between 1st January and 30 November. Orders placed in December for December delivery will be charged at the prevailing commercial price.
  • Delivery will be within 10 working days of the order and delivery notes will be left at your address.  Delivery dates can be texted the night before delivery to customers to allow gates/tanks to be left open.
  • Invoices will be sent by email.
  • Whilst members will see the current price at the time of ordering, the price charged will be the price on the day before delivery.
  • The price charged will be the Platts price plus 3.95p/litre. Tate have fixed 3.95p/litre as their gross margin (operating cost +profit). The Platts price is not available to the public but reflects the price Oil distributors pay on the day.
  • Emergency orders (ie runout/next day delivery) can be accommodated at a £50 surcharge.
  • As before, there is a 500 litre minimum drop.
  • Payment will be by direct debit 14 days after delivery. Members will be asked by Tate to provide their bank details.
  • New members to the village should contact Tate on the telephone number below.
  • Villagers with no access to the internet will be able to telephone in orders to Tate on 01943 854888.

Why is this good a good system for the village?

  • Villagers can order as & when they choose.
  • You can always check prices with other suppliers or on the Boiler juice website and you are free to buy elsewhere.
  • As oil prices inevitably rise, (e.g in wintertime) Tate’s margin remains at 3.95p/litre which is good for us.
  • Our syndicate buyer (based in Green Hammerton) will be able to audit the “Platts” price in Tate’s system. We have already satisfied ourselves that this approximates to the price we have paid Tate in the past.