The Whixley Film Club shows popular films in our own village hall using the projector and sound system installed there. Movie licensing restrictions mean that we are unable to show films for commercial gain, but we are able to show films to the members of the film club and their guests. To view the upcoming schedule of films members may CLICK HERE¬†and to see what we’ve shown in the past CLICK HERE.

Movies are shown at least once per month, and a bar service for soft and alcoholic drinks will be available during screenings. The terms of our licence do not allow the public advertising of the films we will be showing, but a list of film nights and information may be found by following the link above. Film nights will be on a Friday during the month with the films commencing at 8:00pm. Note that dates will vary subject to availability of the Village Hall.


Membership of the club is now a free service to any resident of the village and membership entitles you to watch as many films as you want and to borrow any of the DVDs from the library whenever you want. Residents who visit the film shows will only be invited to make an entirely voluntary contribution to village hall funds. The number of showings and the titles of films to be shown will be determined by popular input from the members, so if you have a suggestion please make it known to Ian McNeill If you are able to help with the running of the club (hall setup, projector setup, running the bar etc) then please make yourself known to Ian.