Everyone is familiar with the old adage: Never work with children or animals. Despite this, Café Church on Sunday 7th May had both children and animals, specifically 2 lambs one month old, Victoria and no. 56. No prizes for guessing which one was a pet. Thank you to local shepherds Chris and Katherine for bringing in their lambs and for allowing the children to feed them with bottles of sheep milk. It was a very interesting experience for us all (!)

Our theme was the Good Shepherd, based on the Gospel reading from John, chapter 10. Barry Atkinson presented some interesting facts about sheep i.e. they are not very intelligent, they have no sense of direction, their only form of defence is to panic and run away, they need a shepherd. Barry drew a comparison with human beings who often go astray and need to be brought back to God who is our Shepherd.

At prayer time we reflected on people who are defenceless, especially those who live in war zones.   We thought about those in the world who feel unloved and unwanted, although we know that God loves each one of us and knows each one of us by name. We remembered those in the parish who are ill and those who have died recently. We also shared good news e.g. Bradford City have made it to the play-offs, baby Rose has taken her first steps, Charlie scored his first rugby try, the recent Yard Sale raised over £1000 for church and we have a new vicar. Our worship ended with a lively rendering of ‘Easter Jubilation’ and the sharing of the Peace. After the service, we enjoyed a shared meal and good fellowship.

Café Church meets on Sundays in Whixley village hall, do come along and join us for 40 minutes of informal worship and afternoon tea. For further information, please contact Revd Joan Roper, tel. 01423 331661.