(Currently suspended)

Whixley Bridge Club is an informal group which meets twice each month for an evening of social bridge played using the Chicago scoring system. We currently meet in the Community Lounge of the Village Hall twice a month with play starting at 7:30pm and a mid-session break for tea and biscuits.  See the website diary for details.

The group now has over 25 members and at each session we can run up to six tables, depending on who is able to attend. Although there is no formal attendance register or booking system we do use a simple shared spreadsheet accessed through a web browser which we ask members to complete to indicate whether they will be there. When new members join the club they are provided with access to the shared sheet.

Each session is managed by one of the members who will also ensure that refreshments (tea, coffee and biscuits) are available during a break in play. Evening sessions normally finish by 10:30.

The cost of attending a session is currently £3, and is a charge simply to cover the cost of hiring the room and the basic refreshments.

The club started as a group who got together in members’ homes, but has attracted interest from others in the village and surrounding area which is why it has moved to a central venue in our excellent Village Hall. If you are interested in joining the group please email Chris Roberts (chrisroberts1052@gmail.com) in the first instance