Last Updated on 11th July 2020 by Ian

After a week of hard work by volunteers from the village hall committee, the village playground has been able to reopen. Below you will see some “Before and After” pictures.

Please also read the notice below regarding the way the playground should be used in these extraordinary times.

Whixley Village Hall Children’s Playground

Whixley Village Hall Management Committee are delighted to re-open the Children’s Playground after such a long shutdown. To reopen we’re all required to follow government and local authority advice in avoiding transmission of the Covid-19 virus. It is, however, impractical to put in place measures to constantly clean the play equipment and supervise use of the playground. We therefore ask parents and carers of children to adhere to the Government and local authority’s advice:

  • Please do not enter the playground if you have any Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Please be vigilant and follow the latest social distancing guidance. Our insurance cover is per Government guidelines relating to Covid-19.
  • Please sanitise your hands before and after using each piece of equipment.
  • Avoid touching your face when using the equipment.
  • Carefully supervise children to maintain good hygiene.
  • Please wipe down any handles, swing chairs etc. before and after use where this is practical.
  • Please stay safe and enjoy the facilities.