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Whixley remembers
Friday 8 May 2020

A number of people have suggested we mark this day so please, if you wish to decorate your house in red, white and blue (or whatever you have) and join in.

Join in the National toast at 3pm

The Whixley toast: 6.30 pm on Friday 8 May we all come outside our houses for a few minutes, as on Thursday nights, and raise a glass to remember the end of the Second World War in Europe and toast our courage and forbearance in coping with the current crisis. (Please keep to social distancing)

Share your memories of then and now

If you have memories of 8 May 1945 please share them with the younger generation. Historically we must never forget the current crisis and we hope, whatever your age, you will write or draw something showing what you did and how you were feeling on Friday 8 May 2020.

Our webmaster will create a page on the village website to share our memories and, for those who prefer, please post the originals to me at Bay House, Stonegate. We will display some in the village hall windows for us all to share.

Send your memory to:

For other ideas check out the links below: