Last Updated on 13th May 2024 by Ian

For the last 7 years the accounts of both Great Ouseburn PCC and Whixley with Green Hammerton PCC have been independently examined by a gentleman who has now taken up the role of Treasurer of Knaresborough PCC with overall responsibility for the finances of all five churches in that unitary benefice. Nobody should be surprised that, with the workload this imposes in the first few months of each year, he has had to step down from his work for our PCCs.

We are therefore looking for a volunteer, or volunteers, to act as independent examiner of the accounts of our two local PCCs for the year ending 31 December 2024, and hopefully beyond.

You may have heard horror stories of inexperienced treasurers presenting to an independent examiner accounts that amount to no more than incomplete records, leaving that examiner to spend a huge amount of time and effort turning those records into an acceptable set of financial statements. Well, we have the exact opposite situation. Linda and I between us do all the bookkeeping and accounts preparation for both PCCs. We are both retired chartered accountants, which means the role of the independent examiner is very simple and requires no training or qualification other than basic numeracy and common sense. Essentially, it simply requires an examination of the year’s receipts and payments to ensure that they have been posted in the appropriate spreadsheet column.

As well as my role as PCC treasurer, I act as independent examiner for a few local charities. Obviously I cannot act as the independent examiner of accounts I have myself prepared, but if I were able to examine our PCC accounts, I would need no more than a day or so.

If you would like to undertake this valuable service, or if you would just like to meet us to see for yourself what’s involved in the role before committing yourself, please contact either of us. 07801 224618 07896 094099