How about having YOUR story permanently recorded in stained glass?

We invite you to step into Whixley’s heritage!

The Whixley Heritage Group is inviting local businesses and local families to identify with, and sponsor, a specific named character or other symbol depicted in the two stained glass windows that are the subject of our restoration project.

Characters, with whose names one might identify, include Matthew, Mark, Luke John, Thomas, David, Peter, or some other name that you may even care to suggest!.

In addition there are some other nine smaller symbols including a lion, an ox or calf, an eagle, six angelic messengers and various crests in each of the two windows.

We would invite you to examine the two coloured pictures of the stained glass windows with a view to choosing one of the characters or symbols that may appeal to you. Your personal name or Business name will then be recorded in perpetuity in the Heritage Book that is being compiled to record the history of the village from pre-Conquest times to the present day.

So please take a closer look at the windows, and get in touch with one of the undersigned to discuss sponsorship and to reserve your place permanently in the Whixley story!

If you would like to take a closer view of the windows so that you can make a more informed decision, please feel free to contact any of the undersigned who will be pleased to help:

Roger Marshall 01423 326332 email

Barry Atkinson 01423 331419

Dick Watson 01943 430108

With our sincere thanks and appreciation for your support.


For More information and background see the special page on the website at