Last Updated on 5th June 2022 by Ian

So does Whixley have talent? Well of course it does! How could you say otherwise? In immeasurable amounts, if last nights Jubilee Evening at the Village Hall was anything to go by.

Incredible performances by our very own neighbours, young and old alike, with song, dance, burlesque, musical theatre, beautifully recited poetry, limerick’s from lycra clad Freddie Mercury look-a-likes, fire throwers and trios of ‘sisters’ – with a rendition of ‘we’ll meet again’ to bring our showcase to a close. The atmosphere was really quite extraordinary, with huge support from a sold out audience, with hearty laughter and plenty of generous support. (Not to forget a VERY busy bar…)

However, Whixley’s talents aren’t measured only in ones ability to sing, dance, or recite poetry.
In fact, this whole Jubilee weekend became so much more than a celebration of the Queens reign. It celebrated and championed Whixley’s friendships, our neighbourly bonding, true showings of team work and organisation, genuine generosity and, community.

We pride ourselves on it. Community spirit, and as a resident of Whixley of only 18 months. I can say It is genuinely like no place I have ever lived. The friendships, the smiles, the greetings. The community spirit, it is truly extraordinary, as last night showed us in spades.

Thank you to every single person who put all of this together, a remarkable evening that will be remembered, not only in celebration of our monarch, but in celebration of our Whixley and the bloody brilliant folk who inhabit here.


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