The bids have been recorded, the lots have been distributed to the lucky winners and the payments continue to be received for the Spring Auction. All the results are published on a separate list which accompanies this article and we are pleased to announce that a grand total of £1256.50 was raised.

Click HERE for a full list of all bids

Back in February, Whixley & Green Hammerton Parochial Church Council (P.C.C.) met and discussed the shortfall in church funds due to the closure of our churches during the pandemic. Over the next few days, after some thought, I was praying for some inspiration and soon the idea of holding a virtual or online auction began to develop. Every year at the Harvest Supper, the church runs a successful live auction in Whixley village hall but this Spring Auction was something different – an auction with the minimum of human contact. Technology is wonderful – when it works – and so we were able to take photographs of the items for sale and, with Ian McNeill’s help, to publish these in an auction catalogue online.

The success of this auction was very dependent on effective publicity and for that I must thank Ian McNeill, Annabelle Polito, Martin Simpson, Enid Fisher and Barry Atkinson who were tireless in spreading the word. Personally, it was great fun to run the auction, even though it involved lots of paperwork. Would I do it again? Erm……..

Thanks are due to all who participated in however small a way; generosity and good will were evident throughout. My sympathy to those whose bids were overtaken and also for those who submitted items for sale but did not receive any bids, including: Tracy Harris, Brenda Hauxwell-Stock, Jenny Hullah, John Hawkridge, Pauline Lumb, Ann O’Connell, Olga Edgar and Sandra Webster. Everyone’s contributions ensured that we had a varied and interesting catalogue.

Hopefully the next live Auction on behalf of our churches will be in October in Whixley village hall, watch this space. In the meantime, thank you all for supporting the Spring Auction in aid of Whixley and Green Hammerton churches.

With every blessing

Revd Joan Roper, tel. 01423 331661