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The quizzes each have has 5 rounds, with the last round being a picture round. To download a copy of the Quiz for a particular day, click the entry in the table below. Links to the answers will be enabled on the date shown.

Quiz Date


Answers Date


Quiz Composer

Monday 6th AprilQuiz 6 QuestionsThursday 9th AprilDavid Fraser
3-Apr-20Quiz 5 Questions
Quiz 5 Pictures
Monday 6th AprilQuiz 5 AnswersGareth Chapman
30-Mar-20Quiz 4 Questions
Quiz 4 Pictures
Friday 3rd AprilQuiz 4 AnswersGareth Chapman
25-Mar-20Quiz 3 Questions
Quiz 3 Pictures
30-Mar-20Quiz 3 AnswersGareth Chapman
22-Mar-20Quiz 2 Questions
(includes pictures)
24-Mar-20Quiz 2 AnswersGareth Chapman
20-Mar-20Quiz 1 Questions
Quiz 1 Pictures
22-Mar-20Quiz 1 AnswersGareth Chapman

There are (currently) no prizes and your answers will not be recorded or scored, but perhaps that will change if the quiz proves popular. Please email webmaster@whixley.org with any feedback.

Many thanks to the Quiz Composers for compiling the quizzes. If you would like to contribute a Quiz, please email webmaster@whixley.org with a PDF of the questions and a separate one of the answers.