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The quizzes mostly have has 5 rounds, with the last round being a picture round. To download a copy of the Quiz for a particular day, click the entry in the table below. Links to the answers will be enabled on the date shown.

The quizzes were published every few days during lockdown March-May 2020. The answers and questions will remain on this page and from time to time a new quiz will be published.


Quiz Date


Answers Date


Quiz Composer

Friday May 15Quiz 13 QuestionsThursday May 21stQuiz 13 AnswersDavid Fraser and Chris Starkie
Thursday May 7Christian Aid Quiz
See Note above
Thursday May 31stCA Quiz AnswersChristian Aid
Friday May 1Quiz 12 Picture QuizThursday May 7thQuiz 12 AnswersIan McNeill
Friday 24th AprilQuiz 11 QuestionsThursday April 30thQuiz 11 AnswersDavid Fraser
Monday 20th AprilQuiz 10 Questions
Quiz 10 Pictures
Thursday April 23rdQuiz 10 AnswersGareth Chapman
Thursday April 16thQuiz 9 Questions
Quiz 9 Pictures
Sunday April 19thQuiz 9 AnswersIan McNeill
Easter Sunday April 12thQuiz 8 QuestionsWednesday April 15thQuiz 8 AnswersDavid Fraser
Thursday 9th AprilQuiz 7 QuestionsSunday April 12thQuiz 7 AnswersJon Beckett
Monday 6th AprilQuiz 6 QuestionsThursday 9th AprilQuiz 6 AnswersDavid Fraser
3-Apr-20Quiz 5 Questions
Quiz 5 Pictures
Monday 6th AprilQuiz 5 AnswersGareth Chapman
30-Mar-20Quiz 4 Questions
Quiz 4 Pictures
Friday 3rd AprilQuiz 4 AnswersGareth Chapman
25-Mar-20Quiz 3 Questions
Quiz 3 Pictures
30-Mar-20Quiz 3 AnswersGareth Chapman
22-Mar-20Quiz 2 Questions
(includes pictures)
24-Mar-20Quiz 2 AnswersGareth Chapman
20-Mar-20Quiz 1 Questions
Quiz 1 Pictures
22-Mar-20Quiz 1 AnswersGareth Chapman

Many thanks to the Quiz Composers for compiling the quizzes. If you would like to contribute a Quiz, please email webmaster@whixley.org with a PDF of the questions and a separate one of the answers.