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Lottery Ticket for 2020-21 Season


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See the full description below for an explanation of how to purchase, how to request specific numbers, and how winnings are paid.

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This item is a lottery ticket for the Village Hall Lottery (200 Club) running for the season October 2020 to July 2021 (10 months). The ticket costs £2 per month for each of the remaining months of the current season (e.g £20 at the season start, reducing by £2 as each month passes).

When ordering you may, if you wish, request particular number(s) in the range 1 to 200 by selecting the “Chosen” ticket type and adding a note to your order on the checkout page (see image showing where to enter Notes). If no note is added, or if the number(s) you select are not available, then you will be allocated number(s) in the range 1-200 at random and notified of the number(s) allocated. If you decide to request particular number(s) we suggest that you provide a range of numbers in descending order of preference and we will allocate numbers according to your preference and their availability.

You can check the availability of numbers before you order by clicking HERE.

The draw takes place on the last day of each month, and winners are notified by email and the winning numbers (not names) are displayed on the website. You can see previous winners by clicking HERE.

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