Last Updated on 27th March 2020 by Ian

The Whixley support group have formed a collection and delivery service of prescriptions to minimise the traffic to and from Doctor’s surgeries. It is anticipated that this will begin as from next week, commencing 30 March.
  1. Anyone requiring medication from the Doctors at either Spring Bank, Green Hammerton or Church Lane, Boroughbridge will continue to order that directly with their surgery.
  2. Then contact Lynne Tolan on;  07931-586566  or 01423 331704 or by email
  3. She will require which surgery you are a patient of AND your full name, address, contact number and full date of birth.( Sorry about the latter disclosure but security is essential for the surgery when the courier is collecting prescriptions)

There are a number of volunteer couriers who will collect the prescriptions and deliver them and it is anticipated that this will be done only once or twice a week, days to be decided upon later. Lynne will liaise with the surgeries concerned by email in advance before the courier visits to collect them in order to keep the system running smoothly.

Some things for you all to note is that the couriers will deliver the drugs to your doors but not enter your house unless under extreme circumstances. It is not acceptable to leave drugs on the doorstep so the courier will need to know that you are in and able to take the medication from the doorway. In extreme cases, the courier may enter the house and deposit the medication inside. One patient to our knowledge has a keysafe system and it would be helpful for this to be disclosed to Lynne when making the phone call to her.

For the information of all those who have volunteered to help as couriers, Lynne is very grateful and anticipates forming a rota system for the collections in due course. She advises that in the first instance, her husband Keith will undertake the collections and deliveries next week and this will allow for any complications to be ironed out without involving everyone.

Those persons needing help with prescriptions, please do read the information at items 1,2 and 3  carefully so that in the event that you have to leave a message with Lynne’s answerphone that Lynne has all the information required to allow for the collection of your medication.

Lynne wishes to assure everyone that this service will be confidential and all patient details will be secure with her and the other volunteers, retained on paper only, and will  be destroyed when this crisis is over.