The church of the Ascension, Whixley, St. Thomas’s Green Hammerton and all the churches in our Benefice are always open and are taking the following precautions, as advised by the Church of England, during the service of Holy Communion.

1.    We will not be shaking hands during the peace or at the beginning or end of the services.

2.    The bread and wine will not be brought up to the altar during the service.

3.    The priest will consecrate the wafers and wine and partake of both, but only the wafers will be distributed to the communicants.

4.    Intincting is not allowed.

5.    The collection plate will not be handed around the congregation but will be placed at the rear of the church allowing the congregation to place their offertory there either at the beginning or end of the service.  blessing of the offertory will take place at the end of the service.

6.    Those serving refreshments after the service will beforehand, either wash their hands with soap and water or use a hand sanitiser.

Hand sanitisers will also be there for general use at other services and sensible precautions taken.

Please call  Sarah (vicar) 01423 330928 or Enid (church warden) 01423 331031 if you would like clarification or find yourself in need.