Last Updated on 14th October 2021 by Ian

Hello  folks of Whixley. I had the pleasure of spending some time in your lovely village hall this week for the first time and thought what a perfect pilates space it would make.

I’m an established qualified Power Pilates instructor and have been teaching in the Boroughbridge area for 15 years now – Power Pilates targets development of your core muscles to support frame and function to its optimum, putting to bed back niggles, shoulder tension, improving

mobility and correcting misalignments of posture that in itself can create other issues.

I would like to throw the net out and share my passion for pilates and all the benefits it brings with you. The hall is currently available Mondays 11am for 1 hour (once a month there is a lunch club which means we can’t have the hall that time,  so we would have to work a class programme around those weeks – but not a problem ! this would be your homework/practice week – with illustrated helpful guidance sheets available ) – all abilities are welcome to attend as I teach in way that you only adopt what positions you feel you can personally achieve. All my classes are mixed so both male and female members are welcome. If you are unsure or have any questions regarding class format I offer a free telephone consultation to discuss whether my classes are suitable for you personally. Classes are charged at £7 per class payable in school half terms (only for the dates you know you can do).

I’m just gauging interest at this stage – please feel free to contact me (details below) if you are available to attend at this time (potentially starting with a free introductory taster session Mon 1 Nov).

I will contact you all personally once I know numbers.


Email address:
Mobile: 07832 133389
Suzanne Morrison
Wellbeing & Fitness Coach and Nutritionist (MSc)

Fully insured and qualified member of FITPRO.