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Pathways to your past workshop

Dear Parish Council Clerk

My name is Tony Hunt and I am the Chair of the Council for British Archaeology in Yorkshire.

Last month I wrote to you regarding the Selby Workshop on starting, reactivating and resourcing your local history group hosted by the CBA on the 21st September 2019.

I am absolutely delighted to be able to confirm the details of the day.

As you can see from the attached flyer, we will be joined by our KEYNOTE SPEAKER Professor Carenza Lewis who many of you will have avidly watched over many years on Channel 4’s ground breaking TIMETEAM.

Carenza is, as Professor of Public Engagement at Lincoln University, a leading advocate for Community Engagement in Archaeology. She is also a compelling and inspirational speaker and champions the community benefits of Local History and Archaeology.

We are delighted to announce Professor Lewis as our keynote speaker, and she will be joined by other speakers selected for their diverse takes on Community involvement, from Historic England’s charismatic Inspector of Ancient Monuments Neil Redfern to a special presentation on funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, and presentations on the social and mental health benefits of engaging in community activities.

Our speakers will present on a wide variety of topics and ideas from Getting Started, Resources, Funding, Planning and Health & Social Benefits.

I enclose the advertising flier for the day. Places are limited so please do book as early as you can.

This Workshop is designed to appeal to individuals with NO experience in Community Archaeology and Local History, to assist you and your communities with the tools needed to start or revive your local history group, to inspire your own investigations and to bring your neighbours together in a group project that will appeal to all.

I am writing to you, as representatives of your PC, but please do pas this letter and leaflet on to your entire community as we are looking to welcome any individual or group looking to get involved in
community archaeology.

I hope you will distribute the attached flyer to your community, and I hope to see you there.


The Council for British Archaeology is a national charity, founded in 1944, that exists to promote, champion, encourage and advocate for community-led archaeology and local history. The CBA’s Yorkshire branch is a resource available to all voluntary, community and regional history and archaeology groups across the county, to assist in whatever capacity may be required. The subjects covered will include:

  • Creating your Group: Officers Roles, Constitution and Objectives
  • Resources available from national and local archives, maps and records
  • The Next Step – the Journey into Yesterday
  • Funding & Grants Available to Local Groups
  • Case Studies
  • What can the CBA do for you?

We will also be hoping to have stalls and stands from local and community groups that have begun their journey, book stalls and resource libraries to support your projects and lots of opportunities for networking and informal discussions.

Whether you hope to encourage the formation of a local group or to support the continued existence of an established society you will be more than welcome. Similarly, if you are aware of any local history or archaeology group that is seeking new inspiration or resources, please do forward this invitation to them.

I very much hope that someone representing your parish or community will be able to attend the workshop. History and archaeology are hugely popular pastimes which bring real benefits to communities concerned to explore and conserve their local heritage, and to celebrate their local sense of place.

It is well established that Archaeology and the study of local history is beneficial to mental and physical health: groups such as this can promote engagement and provide a much-needed social contact for those in need of support.

There are few better ways to do this than through well-resourced local societies who can assist the local parish council to make a difference. Our affiliates engage with people of all ages and abilities across the community, whether through cataloguing old photo collections, researching family history, church history, school archives, or a full blown ‘Time Team’ archaeological investigation.

If your community is keen to engage with its past, I hope you will allow the CBA Yorkshire to assist you in your journey.

Very best regards

Tony Hunt

Chair, CBA Yorkshire