Following the Village Survey in October 2021, the people of Whixley voted to make their historic church building more user-friendly by the addition of toilet facilities for children and adults. A recent grant of £10,000 from National Lottery Awards for All, to carry out a feasibility study with regard to the toilet’s location within the building, along with other considerations such as provision of access for the disabled, a mains water supply and the preferred means of effluent disposal, will all form part of a study by professional architects and surveyors, prior to definitive plans being rolled out to the local community.

Since the plans will be drawn up during The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration year, it has been suggested that the project be given the title “The Whixley Community Jubiloo Project” in permanent recognition of Her Majesty’s long and amazing service to our country over the past seventy years.

In addition to toilet provision, plans will include the installation of a tea-station to provide basic hospitality facilities with mains water and direct means of heating water.

Mrs Enid Fisher, churchwarden, says “The proposed facilities will transform our church building by making it a real community asset that can be used for other events in addition to church services, weddings, funerals and christenings. Having a loo and a mini kitchen where refreshments can easily be served will enable services, visits for private reflection and interest, educational visits by school children, visits and lectures on the history and architecture of our church, musical recitals and church-related celebrations, to take place at the desired standard for public buildings and make these events pleasurable and relaxing, rather than occasions to be endured with some personal anxiety.”

We hope that the village community will take the “Jubiloo Project” to its heart and make it a lasting commemoration of Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee. Members of the community who may have practical skills and know-how are invited to contribute their skills to make the Project a truly local and uniquely commemorative permanent addition to the church- building, by contacting Mrs Enid Fisher, churchwarden, or Revd Sarah Feaster on 01423 330928 or email

We look forward to sharing initial drawings with the local community within the next month, by circular- letter, as well as through the village website and the church website

The Jubiloo Project will benefit, not only today’s community, but will be a lasting legacy for all future generations of Whixley people. Rev Sarah says “Thank you for your interest and support so far for this project. We may not be able to ‘cut the ribbon’ this year but we have made a good start and hope that in the not too distant future we’ll have a Jubiloo installed!”

Meanwhile enjoy the forthcoming village celebrations as we come together as a community to raise a toast for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee!