Millennium Field

The Millennium Field is located just off the High Street in Whixley, and is the property of the Parish Council for us by all residents and members of the public.

Mowing Regime for Millennium Field (see Plan below)

White areas to be cut on the same frequency as the playing field (approx. every 2 to 3 weeks in the mowing season). This usually works out at 12 to 15 cuts.

Shaded Green areas – the ‘bank’ by the amphitheatre benched area and area by the stream adjacent to this benched area to be strimmed/scythed 6 times per year.

Grass to perimeters (by hedge along High Street and by trees 1 to 9, areas with trees 13,14,15,16) – cutting regime will be dependent on seasons but maximum of 3 cuts – usually late June/early July, then late August/September with final cut before winter. (Strimmed/scythed)

Central island beds – scythed/strimmed with grass to be raked up late July/early August plus final tidy before winter.

Grass along hedge (neighbouring Prospect House) late August strim/scythe.

Prepared by Cllr. Beckett
Delegated Member to Manage: – The Millennium Fields/The Planting
August 2017

Plan of Millennium Field