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If you wish to see a copy of the minutes from any Parish Council Meeting prior to March 2016 please contact the Parish Clerk using

For information of the Legalities, Regulations and guidance for Parish Councils please refer to the Local  Government Act 1972  

Public Participation at Parish Council Meetings                                                          

The Role of the Proper Officer to the Council (Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer)               

Local Council Minutes ~ For information purposes

The Role of the Chairman

Agenda for latest Parish Council Meeting

Parish Council Meetings 2018 ~ Minutes

January 2018                March 2018                  May 2018             July 2018          September 2018 (Draft)             November 2018 (Draft) 

Parish Council Meetings 2017 ~ Minutes

January 2017                 March 2017                  May 2017              July 2017          September 2017             November 2017 

Planning Application Site Meeting Aug 2017 

Parish Council Meetings 2016 ~ Minutes

November 2016             September 2016             July 2016             May 2016           March 2016 

Plan App. Site Meeting March 2016