Last Updated on 10th August 2020 by Ian

Dear NYCM Subscriber

We hope you can help us? North Yorkshire Police are trying to identify the number and location of illegal off road motoring incidents that are taking place. These usually involve trials bikes or quad bikes being ridden on land that they do not have permission to go onto. In many cases this is done for fun and as sport, in some cases there may be links to crime, the bikes may be stolen etc. It is a complex issue to deal with effectively, due to the difficulties in apprehending those involved, however in some cases you may know who it is or be able to obtain a registration plate. We are aware that many instances do not get reported and without such information it is difficult to identify in which areas to focus our patrols and days of action to try and combat the problem.

This is therefore a request that these instances are called in on 101, or if no longer taking place then emailed to This will better inform us where to concentrate efforts to deal with the issue.

Many thanks for your help, North Yorkshire Police