Last Updated on 31st December 2023 by Ian

A Scotsman’s tribute to his newly adopted home and neighbours (with apologies to Rabbie Burns)

Now, “auld acquaintance”, there’s a thing,
Aboot which we Scots like tae sing,
As midnight welcomes New Year’s Day.
Wi’ glasses charged we’ll dance and play.

We tell oorsels tae no forget,
the kin we love an’ friends we’ve met,
“for sake of auld lang syne, my dear”
though whit that means, ah’ve nae idea!

But new acquaintance? Yon’s a pleasure.
mair precious still than any treasure.
If Rabbie Burns wis here today,
Ah’m fairly sure that’s whit he’d say.

So here we are, in Whixley Village,
where Scots in bygone years wid pillage,
tae steal yer crops, yer sheep and cattle,
and, basically, tae cause a battle.

But noo we come as friends, in peace,
so there’s nae need tae call the police.
Ye’ve welcomed us wi’ open doors,
wi’ open hearts and so much more.

Aye, here’s tae you, you bonny crowd,
we thank ye all, ye’ve done us proud,
so raise yer glasses, huv nae fear,
just huv yersels a guid New Year!