It’s been a month of varied activities for the explorer scouts, we started with a visit to Hallowscream.

  • This is a live scare event for older teens and adults, it’s always a very fun event with a lot of screaming! We invested a new member to our unit during the Hallowscream event, some of the actors at the event helped make this a special event.
  • During October we had to say goodbye to two of the members as they turned 18. Explorer scouts is for young people aged 14 to 17. Once a member becomes an adult, at 18, they can no longer be a member of Scouts as a youth. Network is the next section of scouting for ages 18 to 25,
  • In mid-October several of our explorers took part in Escape, a 24 game of hide and seek across Nidderdale. Teams are given a destination to navigate to and whilst walking they must evade the groups of catchers. If caught they lose points. The team walked around 30km over the 24 hours.
  • Our last meeting was planning for our Christmas Fair. The explorers have made Christmas trees from wooden pallets, the trees will be used for decoration and signposts at our Christmas Fair on 4th December at Whixley Village Hall.

If you are interested in the activities of the explorer scouts, contact Andrea Cayton,

See photo below from a recent session in the village hall, and an advert for Christmas trees sold for the benefit of the scouts.