Last Updated on 5th October 2022 by Ian

Dear All

I have now received from Harrogate Borough Council the flyers re the New Settlement consultation, we will do our best to get these out over the next few days.

For those who prefer to read a printed document  I also have a small number printed copies of the regulation 19 pre submission draft which I can loan to those who want them. (Call on 01423 330746).

I also have the one copy of the consultation statement, equality analysis report, sustainability appraisal report, and Habitats Assessment.

You can read all these documents online too.

We only have until 14 November to comment. The Parish Council will be formulating a response but we hope Whixley residents will also take the time to respond.

Throughout the workshop process attended by Whixley representatives, we identified the possible impact of additional traffic using Whixley’s roads should the new settlement go ahead. We also asked for protection for the Whixley Gate
Area, better and safer access to the A59, ease of access to Cattal station and proper parking all to be in place prior to any development.  Having had a very quick look at the document I am not satisfied that these are fully covered.

We also asked for the Whixley conservation area to be mentioned and there to be a strategic green gap between Whixley and the new settlement – the planners appear to have stopped at the A59.

Please do take the time to read and comment to Harrogate.

With regards
Clare Beckett