Last Updated on 9th March 2023 by Ian

A message from Richard Horton who has created this initiative on the Kirkheaton website

Do you have a relative with a plot in one of the burial grounds on this website but with no Memorial Inscription like plot of my Grandfather on the right?

This ‘In Memoriam’ service is designed for relatives of such plots to add their own Memorial Inscription to both the burial spreadsheet and the document of Memorial Inscriptions.

The service is free of charge but to access the submission form you need to be a registered user and logged on. You will then see a + sign next to the In Memoriam menu and clicking on this will take you to the submission form.

If you are not already registered, you may do this via the Login / Log out / Register menu item on the upper left of the Kirkheaton website.

After submitting your form it will be reviewed and added to the next update of the ‘yard in question. If you wish to ask any questions please use the e-mail address at the top right of this page or the ‘Contact Us’ menu item.

Richard Horton