Last Updated on 18th March 2020 by Ian

It may well be that your neighbour(s) don’t have access to the Internet or any of the ways in which we have been distributing information over the past few days. Here’s a suggestion – use the template letter below or similar to create a letter of your own to pop into the letterbox of your neighbours so that they know they are not alone.

Dear Neighbour,​


We appreciate that individuals need to take their own decisions as to their intended lifestyle whilst the pandemic exists. However, where possible we should continue to care for family and at this time of national and international emergency we will also be mindful of our neighbours, especially those who may be in isolation.

If you fall foul of the virus or find yourself needing to self-isolate, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. Providing we are fit and able we will do our best to help, whether it is shopping, walking the dog or even just someone to chat to.