The Harvest season in any country village is always heralded as a most enjoyable and significant event in the year of the church, and our Christian community is not only able to thank God for the world in which we co-exist with nature, but also for the food we obtain from our earth. And Whixley was no exception this year, with three notable events taking place over the weekend within our village.

First to happen was the immensely popular Harvest supper and Auction, where those present – and a few who weren’t – contributed gifts to be auctioned by our own, indomitable auctioneer, Jonty Lightowler who seemed to magic cash out of the pockets of those quick enough to raise their hands to bid. As a result, we realised the sum of £1,465.00 to be put towards the running of the two churches within the parish. The auction was preceded with a most delicious two-course supper cooked by talented and willing congregation members with the wonderfully industrious Enid Fisher, our churchwarden, directing operations. Special thanks must go to John Fisher and David Lindley for staying in the kitchen and washing up every single pot, pan, knife, fork and spoon. Cheers, chaps!

The next day was our ever-popular Cafe Church, which this month, welcomed the children’s choir from Green Hammerton school who sang really beautifully, adding greatly to the harvest themed service, which focused on harvests past and where everyone was able to create their own beribboned corn wreath for display in our respective churches. As usual, our people contributed a delightful feast enjoyed at the end.

Our harvest-time concluded in church with a special harvest service conducted by the Rev Sarah and which was an opportunity for her to meet up with some of the invited congregation from our linked church, St Aidan’s in Leeds, where Sarah and her family worshipped for many years prior to coming here.

Our flower displays in church were outstanding and people from both here and Green Hammerton gave most generously, with the produce going to PAFRAS, St Aidan’s church’s centre for helping, feeding and nurturing emigrants, both legal and “illegal”, the homeless, the despairing and the dispossessed. Whilst they are putting their Christianity into action, I feel that this is one of the ways in which we here, are able to support and give what we are able to this wonderful and eminently worthwhile cause. Further information about the work of PAFRAS may be found at the back of your church building.