Last Updated on 15th October 2022 by Ian

The village hall looked very welcoming, with the tables set and a posy of flowers on each one, when our diners arrived for the Harvest Supper. Also invitingly, at the front of the hall was the produce donated to be auctioned after the meal. There were magnificent plants from Johnsons of Whixley, pork joints from Tancred Farm, quiches, cakes, biscuits, jams, chutneys, local apples and pears and intriguingly, bottle lamps remembering our fallen service people. The cheerful chatter of friends meeting and finding their seats eventually died down and Revd. Sarah welcomed everyone to the supper and said grace. The meal was served, the by now traditional, pork casserole followed by apple pie, which proved as always, to be delicious.

The tables were cleared and then our old friend Jonty Lightowler was welcomed with cheers as he rose to start the auction. This is conducted with great good humour, always fast and furious and with no hesitant bid being missed by Jonty’s eagle eyes. Liz Powley’s ginger biscuits reached a world record price yet again and there was enthusiastic bidding on all the goods so freely given. When the door receipts, donations and the auction were all added up the supper raised over £2100.00. The PCC sends its sincere thanks to everyone for their generosity towards the churches in our parish. Thanks too, to the village hall for being hosts to the event.

We also wish to thank all those whose practical help made the evening possible. The list is long, beginning with the casserole cooks whose combined efforts resulted in the delicious pork dish and the ladies who made the apple pies, all polished off, not a crumb remaining at the end of the evening. Thank you too, to the helpers on the the day who set out the tables, prepared the vegetables, cooked them and then helped with service on the night and many thanks too to Sue, Cokie, George and Jenny who helped Jonty with the auction. And last but not least, many thanks to John and David who washed everything up. I am sorry boys but you have a job for life.

We hope that everyone enjoyed the evening. It was good to see the old friends who have always put the harvest supper down in their diaries being joined by many newcomers to our villages. See you all next year.

Enid F