The Harvest Supper and Auction returns this year, 7pm in the Village Hall on Friday October 1st. The meal will be served from 7.30pm. This is a fund-raising event for the Church – please bring your own drinks and glasses. The cost for the evening is £15.00 but only £7.00 for the under-12s.

Buy tickets from Enid Fisher (01423 331031).

The auction is assembled from your generous donations and includes vegetables, fruits and plants, jams, pickles, chutneys, liqueurs (sloe gin is popular) and baking, both savoury and sweet. Most produce is home-made, no air miles, and the bidding is fierce for these and other non-edible donations. Donations can be given to Enid (01423 331031) or Barry (01423 331419) beforehand or brought on the night.

If you don’t want to eat then there is free admission to the auction from 8.30pm. This is a long and noisy evening and is not recommended for small children.