The Village Hall from the High Street

The Whixley Village Hall was originally built in 1934 and was extended to the back in the 1950s/60s. The village hall is now run as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation by Trustees who are responsible not just for running the hall but also promoting its use for the people of the Parish of Whixley and the surrounding areas.

In order to do this, the committee recognises that significant building work and upgrade is required to ensure that the village hall continues to be fit for purpose in the future.

To this end, an exciting and ambitious project, which we are referring to as ‘Building for the Future’, has been established by the committee. It will involve two key elements:

  • upgrading of the heating system, to make it more efficient, cost effective and reduce our carbon consumption to zero (decarbonisation),


  • a building development, to demolish the current dilapidated store at the rear of the hall and replace it with improved storage facilities and improved community lounge.

We want this project to take account of the views of the people of Whixley, and to ensure that the village hall is developed in a way that improves provision and enables maximum use of these facilities, thereby remaining a valued village amenity.

We would therefore be grateful if you would take the time to complete this short questionnaire.  Click the image >>>>>>

Current Status

Immediately after the curtains fell on the pantomime, the Hall was handed over to our principal contractors (GRS Insulation) to carry out the first phase of our development to transform Whixley Village Hall into a carbon-neutral building. Over two weeks in mid-February, insulation was pumped into the cavity walls; both lofts were filled with 300mm of rock fibre insulation; and dense foam insulation panels were installed on the flat ceilings of the hall. As our project manager Chris says: “we wrapped the hall like a tea cosy”. The opportunity was also taken to install extra electric cabling behind the insulation panels to allow replacement of the lighting and the installation of ceiling winches. Although the work created much dust, it was all completed on schedule, and the hall was cleaned (eight times!) before being returned to our customers. Our contractors are to be thanked for allowing their work to be interrupted by Pancake Night celebrations.

There will now be a pause of two or three months while our electric supply is upgraded before a second two week phase of work will see the removal of the antiquated oil heating system; and the installation of seventy solar panels, three or four air source heat pumps, massive storage batteries, and new radiators throughout the hall. During this pause the hall will be available for customers, albeit with temporary lighting and missing curtains.

The work has been made possible with a large grant from FCC Communities Action Fund (using funds from the Allerton Waste Recovery Park); and substantial contributions from the National Lottery, the Queen’s Jubilee Fund, and North Yorkshire’s Shared Prosperity Fund. And not least, the villagers of Whixley have generously donated substantial funds from their own pockets.

The result will be a warm and comfortable building which does not rely on any fossil fuels, suitable for the future challenges of climate change in the 21st century. The people of Whixley will have a flexible, sustainable venue for events and celebrations for many decades to come.