Last Updated on 7th January 2020 by Ian


British Heart Foundation CPR COURSES are held throughout the year run by the patient group volunteers from Green Hammerton and Tockwith GP surgeries. There have been many instances of the training being put to great use in the real world – saving lives!

Most villages have a defibrillator, or even two, but CPR is still essential to keep someone alive until the defibrillator is brought to the patient!

Even if you have already done a course do consider a refresher, it can only increase your confidence!

The next course is on 28.4.20 but please get in touch even if this date is not suitable so that we can work on the demand and you can be added on other dates.

They are held at Green Hammerton surgery, at 6 pm. Please contact Toni Ramsay on 01423 322828 or for details and to book.

An opportunity to donate will be offered at each session. All donations will be used for consumables needed for the CPR course with any remainder to be given to the British Heart Foundation.

Thank you

Toni Ramsay – volunteer coordinator, patient group