Last Updated on 16th March 2022 by Ian

The Village Hall is to host a box for those who would like to donate supplies for the Food Bank. Please check on the website when the hall will be open for any events when you will be able to gain access to the donations box in the entrance hall.

Most of us are so fortunate in having enough to eat and pay the bills. All too sadly there are so many who already have financial problems and now they will all have a huge hike in the energy bills.

Food donations are even more important! And if you can help in any way it will be so appreciated.

The Food Bank is asking for NON perishable foods. The list gives you some suggestions

  • Tinned foods, savoury and sweet. From baked beans, tinned stews, meat, fish, vegetables and soups. Tinned fruit and sponge puddings, rice puddings etc
  • Dried foods, pasta, rice, beans and pulses
  • Long Life milk. Cereals. Juices
  • Sugar tea and coffee biscuits
  • Packet foods, sauces etc
  • Washing up liquid, washing liquid and soaps
  • Loo rolls and kitchen paper
  • Shampoo, shower gel
  • Shaving foam and razors
  • Sanitary goods
  • Dog/cat food
  • And some sweets for a treat for the children.

If there are any queries, please contact Dee Wright 330639 or Enid Fisher 331031