Last Updated on 19th May 2017 by Ian

Dear Whixley Resident,

As you may be aware we are in the process of writing a Community Resilience Plan for our village which will provide useful information and guidance in the event of an emergency in our community. 

The first draft of our plan is nearing completion and when complete it will be delivered to the local Borough Council who in turn will ensure that a copy is in the hands of all the local services, including emergency services, that might be called upon in the event of an emergency.

We do, however, need your help. If an emergency were to occur we need to know whether you would need help, and if so how urgent that help might be needed. We intend to keep a register of anyone who considers that they might need help so that in the event of an emergency the right services can be quickly directed to them. If you feel you would need help then please reply to this letter specifying the category in which you feel you fall as follows:

  1. Help required immediately owing to mobility or medical constraints
  2. Help required as soon as possible, but able to cope in the short term
  3. Please send help as soon as time allows.

We would also like to hear from you if you have a skill that could be useful in the event of an emergency – e.g. medical/first aid skills, building, plumbing, electrical, transport etc. If you do reply indicating that you would be prepared to offer your skills in an emergency then this will be kept as a list attached to the Resilience Plan and only accessed in an emergency.

You can reply to this post by email to or you can fill in the form below. Please note that information you supply will be circulated to all those who have a copy of the plan and therefore will not be held confidentially.

Yours sincerely

Joy Richardson, Clerk to the Parish Council
Ian McNeill, Secretary Emergency Committee