Last Updated on 16th March 2023 by Ian

PC 528 Pierre Olesqui (who is English despite the French-sounding name) has recently been appointed the community support officer for Harrogate and the surrounding area. His area of cover is vast and includes Skipton, Ilkley and outlying areas of the county. He is single handed at present, works from Knaresborough and is keen to make an impression.

He is our Community Policeman, is keen to do what he can to support us in his role as a police officer and he is happy for us to contact him on his police email address :
It must be stressed that he has a very large area to cover which includes Ilkley and Skipton and will not be able to deal with minor issues (e.g. dogs fouling pavements).

As a result of meeting him Whixley resident Lynne Tolan has joined the Harrogate (Knaresborough/Ripon/Boroughbridge) Independent Advisory Group which is a Panel of volunteers who are committed to working with the North Yorkshire Police by providing advice and support on a number of issues. They meet quarterly. The aim of the group is to improve local policing and she will be the link between our community and the Police. Any issues our community has may be raised with her if required. Contact Lynne on

Please make Pierre welcome if you see him at any of our events.