Last Updated on 20th February 2024 by Ian

Following Tim’s suggestion that Whixley churchyard would benefit from a tidy up, on Saturday morning, 17th February, sixteen volunteers reported for duty. They came with rakes, secateurs, loppers, a wheelbarrow and builders bags. The branches and twigs blown down during storm Eunice and all, were gathered up, reduced to manageable size and stacked to provide, as they rot, habitat for small mammals and insects of many kinds.

The ivy that obscured many gravestone inscriptions was cut off at ground level and left until it loosens its grip and will then be gently removed so that no damage is done to the stonework. From Beau, 14 and doing his volunteering as part of his Duke of Edinburgh award. up to Barry in his 80s everyone was working to a common purpose and a great feeling of camaraderie developed. It’s amazing how much can be achieved when you are enjoying yourself and by tea and biscuits time the churchyard looked loved and cared for again.

As the snowdrops die down, celandines, daisies and daffodils are appearing to delight the eye, and the succession of wild flowers will continue through the summer.

Thank you very much Tim Procter for seeing the need and for doing something about it and to all those who came to help. There will be more working mornings so keep your eye on the Whixley social media and come along, you will be very welcome.

Enid Fisher, Church warden