Dear Residents and Friends, “OYEZ!!”

Firstly, our sincere thanks to all who took the time out to respond to the recent Whixley Survey which resulted in 117 responses, representing the views of up to 400 residents. Most of the questions were given an encouraging 79%-88% “thumbs up”, agreeing that the provision of toilet and hospitality facilities would make the church building a more user-friendly and sustainable community asset.
As the intended facilities would mark an historic occasion in the life of the village, it has been suggested that we ought to consider making these proposed permanent enhancements to the church building, a cause for celebration, and make it the village’s “JUBILEE PROJECT”.
Please consider this proposal and then click THIS LINK to answer these 3 questions:
  1. Are you willing to offer SKILLS/KNOW-HOW to the Village’s JUBILEE PROJECT 2022 (if so, add name and contact details)
  2. Do you think the Project would make a worthwhile and permanent  marker for the village to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum JUBILEE (Yes/No)
  3. Would you like to receive the complete summary of the Village Survey (Yes/No).
This proposed JUBILEE PROJECT would provide the opportunity for all the community to come together as a team of people pooling their skills to develop a permanent and worthwhile upgrading of our unique historic building that has served the needs of the village for the best part of 1,000 years.
Could you offer project-management skills, joinery or carpentry skills, surveying and design
skills, plumbing, water supply and waste disposal expertise, or any other Know-How to be
personally involved in this proposed JUBILEE PROJECT?
It is anticipated that funding would largely receive the support of Trusts and various Heritage and Charitable Foundations which are known for contributing to such community projects, in support of our own local efforts.

Strong responses for the CHURCHYARD and HERITAGE workshops were expressed in the Survey, and a further letter will be issued to cover these arrangements in the Spring of 2022, as part of our ongoing JUBILEE YEAR CELEBRATIONS.


With love and thanks for your interest and your encouraging thoughts.

Sarah Feaster, Joan Roper, Enid Fisher, Barry Smith, Barry Atkinson, Simon Gardner
pp Whixley with Green Hammerton Parochial Church Council.

Dick Watson, Survey Coordinator.