COVID-19 has forced the government to bring in restrictions on retail and businesses, forcing many places to close.

However, bike shops have been deemed essential services and so Spokey Dokey Bikes will be staying open as long as we feel it is safe and appropriate to do so.

We fully support the governments decision as we are aware bicycles are an essential means of transport for key workers and many people are now using cycles as a safer way to make their journeys instead of public transport.

Finally, pedalling is great exercise and a way of getting out of the house, relieving boredom and being able to comply with social distancing!

We will be closely monitoring further restrictions in order to comply with the latest advice.

We are going to put the following measure in place to keep ourselves and our community safe;

Collection and delivery is preferred – we feel that offering a collection and delivery service will minimise contact and reduce the risk of infection. This also means our customers do not need to make unnecessary journeys.

Appointment only to the shop – if collection is inappropriate then please call first (even if its 5 minutes before) this is to avoid having more than one customer at a time and reduce the risk of infection.

Hygiene – we will follow strict hygiene rules, bikes are thoroughly cleaned and contact points will be wiped down on arrival. We would encourage our customers to also wipe down grips, brake levers and saddles when they get their bike back home.

Social distancing – Chris has now learnt how far 2 meters is (and marked it on the floor with chalk) and it’s further than he thought! So we will be sticking to 2m distancing and as such payment by bank transfer or online by card is preferred.

Hire bikes – we have a couple of hire bikes that we can make available free of charge to Key Workers for the duration of the lockdown. Let us know if this would be useful to you.

Anything else we can do to help – we are also happy to act as a hub for hardware or other goods that are not available at the village shop, or anything else that would be useful. Let us know by phone or email if we can help.

Finally, please stay safe.


Chris & Claire (+Lucky & Amber)