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Harrogate Relief Road

Dear fellow local resident

We see on programmes like Blue Planet the damage human beings are doing to our environment. What makes it worse is that we can choose environmentally-friendlier options.

This month, North Yorkshire County Council has put forward a range of measures to combat traffic congestion. These include a relief road cutting through some of the most beautiful parts of the Nidd Gorge and neighbouring countryside (1). Like many other local politicians I am opposing the plans. (2)

The Nidd Gorge is a beautiful area home to 80 species of birds and 30 kinds of reptiles, mammals and amphibians. It is made up of five areas of ancient woodland where there are many plants, fungi and flowers unique to ancient woodlands. (3)

Will you take a few minutes of your day to have a look at North Yorkshire County Council’s consultation now, read the background documentation and complete the questionnaire?

There are many reasons to object to the relief road and support sustainable transport measures:

The relief road is not needed. Ninety-three per cent of traffic starts, ends or is within Harrogate. Little of this traffic would be using the relief road.

It won’t work anyway. This road proposal will attract traffic going East-West across northern England meaning more pollution, more cars and more lorries. We would be building the north’s biggest rat-run.

We are leading the country with sustainable transport. There are ambitions plans for electric vehicle charging points (4), we have a low-emission bus fleet (5) and there are ambitious plans for carbon reduction across our district (6). We should not be going backwards by building a road through the countryside to attract more cars.

Over a thousand people have already completed the survey. The County Council has targeted motorists on the main roads in Harrogate with adverts and are advertising the questionnaire heavily online. Some people fear that this means local people will be under-represented. Will you take a few minutes now to ensure that local people are fully represented in the responses?


Thanks for being involved.


Andrew Jones MP

P.S. We all know that new houses get built where there are new roads meaning we lose more of our green spaces and bring even more cars to our area. Please help stop this today.

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