Register as a Consultee for Harrogate Council planning matters

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Register as a Consultee for Harrogate Council planning matters

Residents are no doubt aware of Harrogate Borough Council’s local plan which identifies many areas around the borough deemed suitable for development of housing. One of these is on our doorstep, this being the plan to build up to 3,000 houses between Green Hammerton and Kirk Hammerton. (You can click on the picture above for a larger version).

There have been a number of exhibitions around the area where people have had the chance to see the plans and talk to the proposed developers, but Harrogate Borough Council have a formal process by which people can lodge their comments on the proposals. This process is accessed through the internet using the HBC Consultation Portal

If you CLICK ON THIS LINK you will find a useful guide showing just how to register as a “consultee”. Once registered you will be able to see a list of items that are open for consultation, one of which is entitled “Draft Local Plan: Additional Sites Consultation 2017”. Click on that line and proceed to “Read and Comment on the document” which will give you access to the full document. The bit you will probably be most interest in is Section 7 regarding Green Hammerton. Click on the link to this in the left hand menu and you will see the comments left by others and have the ability to comment yourself. When you make a comment it goes through a vetting process before it appears on the site as the use of inappropriate or abusive language will not be allowed.