Don’t Let Them Damage Our Daffs

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Don’t Let Them Damage Our Daffs

We always look forward to a fabulous display of flowers in April. You may recall last year that some over-zealous person chopped down Whixley’s daffodils just a week after flowering. This may have happened in other villages too. As predicted, this year’s daffs are less numerous and not as strong. And they will get weaker if it happens again.

If you see anyone cutting back the daffs in your village before the right time, please ask them to stop and report it to your Parish Council. If you give me a call on 330639, I’ll try to help as well.

All keen gardeners and contractors know that you should not chop down daffodils, tulips, crocuses etc until their foliage has died back. They need to take all the energy back into the bulbs. If they are chopped off too early it means that there will be less of a show next year. If it’s done for several years there won’t be any flowers at all! Harrogate Council don’t normally cut their verges until the first week in June.

The show at Whixley in 2017 was fantastic (see picture). Many villagers have spent a lot of time planting bulbs and we don’t want to lose them.

Steve Wright

Postscript – On Whixley Gate there is also a problem with dogs damaging daffodils owing to inconsiderate behaviour by some dog walkers